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24 Form 縲€
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Form1. Opening Form


Form 2. Horse Shakes Its Mane Left, Right, Left


Form 3. White Crane Flashing Wings  


Form 4. Brush Knee 窶� Right, Left, Right


Form 5.  Playing The Lute 


Form6. Repulse Monkey 窶� Right, Left, Right, Left 


Form7. Stroking Bird Tail 窶� Left


Form8. Stroking Bird's Tail 窶� Right


Form9. Single Whip


Form10. Waving Hands Like Clouds 窶� Three Times


Form11. Single Whip


Form12. High Pat on Horse


Form13. Kick with Right Heel


Form 14. Strike Ears with Both Fists


Form 15. Turn Body and Kick with Left Heel


Form 16. Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg


Form 17. Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg


Form 18. Shuttle Back and Forth


Form 19. Needle at Sea Bottom


Form 20. Fan Through Back


Form 21. Turn Body,Deflect Parry, and Punch


Form 22. Appears Closed


Form 23. Cross Hands